Hello! My name is Saibal De, and I am a 5th year PhD student at the Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan. My advisors are Dr. Shravan Veerapaneni and Dr. Xun Huan.

I obtained my Four Year Bachelor of Science (Research) degree in Mathematics (with a minor in Physics) from Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) in 2016.

I was a co-organizer for the Directed Reading Program at the Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan from Fall 2019 to Fall 2020. During Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 semesters, I co-hosted the Student Machine Learning Seminar with Rishi Sonthalia.

Research Interests

Physics-based simulations in general produce superior quality simulation outputs. But due to their high computational costs, they cannot be deployed widely in practice for learning tasks such as optimization or control. In my research, I use

to accelerate and scale up these high-fidelity simulations. Recently, I have also started exploring data-driven reduced-order modeling frameworks, utilizing

to generate surrogate models for time-critical learning applications.

Here is a link to my CV.


Sending me an email at saibalde@umich.edu is the best way to get in touch with me.